-and maintains high-quality sound

Manufacturing of cabinets for audio components


Frislev presents CONCENTUS ONE. It is not just an ordinary speaker, but rather a music system of exceptional quality that follows Frislev's characteristic design from shelves to music systems, delivering impressive sound.



Enjoy great sound and easy installation with the Frislev Sound System. With our Sound System, you can play music, movies, and other audio sources from your smartphone, TV, or other devices without worrying about visible amplifiers and cables. Our shelves are designed to make installation easy and quick, and you can connect the system with just one plug. A HIFI shelf of absolute top quality.



The Concentus Eight sound system is one of the best sound experiences in its class. With lossless technology, the sound is sent wirelessly to the built-in speakers, and the system can be customized with an integrated center speaker or subwoofer.

The system can be adapted to your needs, and you can choose between stereo or a complete home theater with surround and Dolby Atmos for a greater sound experience.



Our showroom is a true haven for audio enthusiasts and design lovers. Here, you can see and hear our innovative shelves in action, delivering an astonishing sound experience that envelops the space with crystal-clear audio and deep bass. Our HiFi shelves are not only a beautiful and functional piece of furniture, but also a groundbreaking technological solution that seamlessly combines aesthetics and performance in a unique way. Explore standard shelves for your HiFi system or build your own using our configurator.

The story behind Frislev

My passion for sound began in my childhood radio shop, run by my father. It was a place where I could immerse myself in and work with radio and TV, exploring the countless possibilities within audio technology. I had the opportunity to sell high-end sound systems from brands like System Audio, Primare, Audiovector, Arcam, and Nordost Cables – an experience that shaped my understanding of quality sound. Frislev was born out of a need for aesthetically pleasing hi-fi racks that were not only functional but also seamlessly integrated with home decor. It was important to me that our solutions not only met the audio requirements but also were a delight to the eye and could be harmoniously integrated into any space. Music in My Blood As a drummer with my own band, music has always been a central part of my life. I've been playing drums since I was 10 years old and over the years have performed with many bands. I also ran a sound studio where we produced recordings for other bands. These experiences with the sound of instruments have inspired me to create shelves with built-in sound that deliver an authentic listening experience, as close to reality as possible. My commitment to the world of sound is more than a profession – it's a lifelong passion that drives me to constantly strive for the perfect harmony between form and function.


"We needed a new TV stand, and here Frislev was an obvious choice in the market............
5 stars from us - service, quality, and sound make the product well worth the money!"

I needed a light and elegant long TV cabinet, had looked at several, but found Frislev and it was just the right piece of furniture—light, elegant, and beautifully assembled. My highest recommendations....