In 2013, we started producing speakers that could be integrated directly into our racks. These speakers were carefully tuned to deliver optimal sound performance when built into the rack. This has resulted in a unique music and film experience.

Normally, speakers are designed to stand freely in the room, but our speakers are specifically designed to be embedded in the shelves. By combining the speakers and the bookshelf, we achieve a unique sound experience.

Adapted and measured to work together

With a Frislev Sound System, you get an amplifier and speaker units that are designed to work together in the bookshelf. In this way, sound for both music and film experiences is achieved at a high level, as all essential parameters have been taken into account.
The Frislev Sound System was developed by Claus Frislev in collaboration with loudspeaker designers who have developed well-known high-end brands. CONCENTUS loudspeakers are developed, assembled and fully assembled at Frislev.

All speakers are recorded and tested before delivery. A playback of a speaker usually takes up to 80 hours.