Are there suspensions included when I buy a bookcase?
Yes, there is always suspension with the shelf. A 45 degree list.

Can I build my own bookshelf in Frislev's design?
Yes, it is possible in our Configurator.

Can the shelves be delivered in other colors than Frislev's standard colours?
We can make in many colours, we just need a RAL or NCS color code.

Which surfaces in wood is it possible to create?
We can make in most types of wood. Prices may vary depending on the type of wood.
For example: Oak, Walnut, Venge etc.

Do you also go out and install shelving?
Yes, we drive throughout the country with installers from Frislev

Can I also see and hear Frislev's sound systems at home before I make a decision?
Yes, it is possible to book a presentation at your home.
See booking.

What is the advantage of your built-in sound systems compared to a general. speaker?
If you buy a speaker, it is designed to stand freely in the room, where you can experiment to achieve the desired sound image. If you place the speaker behind fabric doors in a bookcase, you will not achieve what the speaker is designed for. Frislev's sound systems are carefully measured in the shelves, so that we achieve the same effect as if a high-end speaker stood freely in the room. It provides a completely unique experience, as you see nothing but the shelf. Everything can be controlled from your TV or phone. Our HUB with the Wisa sound system delivers top-class wireless sound to the speakers in the C8 System, 24bit/96khz (Double CD quality). -And then it should be said that all amplifiers are built into Frislev's speakers. No visible electronics. Only great experiences :-)


In 2013, we started producing speakers that could be integrated directly into our racks. These speakers were carefully tuned to deliver optimal sound performance when built into the rack.
This has resulted in a unique music and film experience.

Normally, speakers are designed to stand freely in the room, but our speakers are specifically designed to be embedded in the shelves. By combining the speakers and the bookshelf, we achieve a unique sound experience.