Book a home presentation ( DK )

We appreciate your interest in our innovative shelving with built-in sound system.
To give you the best possible experience, we offer a visit to your home by a specialist from Frislev.

1. Book a presentation at your place:
Fill out the form below so that we can plan a time together for our visit.

2. A personal presentation:
A specialist from Frislev will come to you and present our shelving with built-in sound system.
You can experience the sound quality, explore the features, see the design, and ask any questions you may have.

3. A small fee:
For this exclusive service, we charge a small fee of DKK 995 for Funen and Jutland, and in Zealand DKK 1495, which will be offset when you decide to order a bookcase with built-in sound system within 30 days.

4. When you have booked
We will contact you either by phone or e-mail and arrange a date and time for our visit.


Cancellation of the visit:

If you wish to cancel the visit, you are welcome to send us a message at

We look forward to creating a unique experience for you and introducing you to our products.

With best regards,

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5450 Otterup
Tel. +45 26292737
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